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I found a free opensource (GPL) plugin that integrates Shoretel’s IP phone Call Manager dialing features to IE and Windows.  For Windows it sets up a URL handler for callto://<phone number/> links, and for IE it adds a right click menu that will dial the number that you have selected.  I modified that to detect our internal extensions and strip out the first 6 digits to keep the internal calls from going out and coming back in (therefore losing the internal caller ID) – It’s just simple string matching on our phone number range.

I also had to find a solution for Firefox as it’s what we officially support at work.  I dug around, found some message board posts about how someone had made something similar but never got any kind of response and seemed to hit a dead end.  So I just sat down one day, downloaded a simple Firefox extension and ripped it apart to find out how it works.  I made a pretty basic FF extension that invokes the same right click and dial process as the IE modification mentioned above.

(The above links include everything to dial from IE and Firefox along with the original code by B C King).

If you need any help, feel free to comment here, on facebook, on twitter, etc and I’ll do what I can to help you out.

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  1. arraylist \ July 02nd 2010

    Can you help me. I am trying to write a C# app to dial via a shore tel network. I didn’t understand how you pass the web dialer, a phone number. If there was a dll with functions I could import into my app that would be helpful. contact me at Thanks.

  2. joe_earl \ January 10th 2011

    Does anyone have this working with version 10.1

  3. gbrendel \ January 10th 2011

    Works fine on 10.1 here.

  4. pyperdown \ June 14th 2011

    Cannot wait to try this. We have a number of Linux systems and an impending Shoretel installation (not my first choice) and of course Shoretel codes to platform rather than published standards. Thanks so much for giving us a little hope.

  5. Tom Richards \ September 06th 2011

    Hi, Greg, I’m afraid I’m having some issues in Firefox – when I try to add the button to my toolbar, it shows up in the list as a whole set of toolbar icons instead of the little phone icon you provided (you can see what I mean at Also, when I try to use it by selecting a phone number, right-clicking my selection and clicking on Dial Phone, it takes 15-20 seconds for the call to be processed and the digits are mangled – 1795 592 917 goes to 02017955922; +44 1795 592 917 goes to 02044179520. 020 is the local dialling code as set in Phone and Modem options in the Control Panel (I’m in London, UK) but I’m unsure where that last digit comes from and I don’t know how to track the text being processed inside your extension in order to isolate the problem more precisely. I’m using Firefox 6.0.1, Windows XP Pro SP3 and Shoretel 11.1.

  6. \ May 08th 2013

    Having an issue on the Phone Dialer not seeing the correct Line Properties, any ideas on how they are captured from ShoreTel…

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